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September 2010
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2011 Salon and Spa
Marketing Calendar


Just released and available at or,
the 2011 Salon and Spa Marketing Calendar
contains hundreds of brand new ideas for attracting new clients, selling more products and services,
and generating excitement and enthusiasm in the
salon and spa - regardless of a double dip recession, depression, or other economic factors.

September's Top 5


Elizabeth Kraus
12 Months of Marketing

September is Responsible Pet Owner's Month -
here are 5 marketing ideas that can help you
get more pet owners into your salon and spa.

Original Content:
'Stop the Bleeding'
What's killing the
marketing and other
initiatives in your


Elizabeth Kraus
12 Months of Marketing

'I told the doctor I broke my leg in 2 places.
He told me to quit going to those places.'

(Henny Youngman)

It’s a ridiculous concept; that we would return time
and time again to a place where we know we are
going to get hurt, but I submit to you that in business, we do it all the time.

You can spot a broken leg via x-ray, but the injuries
I’m referring to don’t show up to the naked eye,
which may be why we neither treat nor work to
prevent them.

When it's good
to play 'like a girl'


"There is a sweet spot for women in business that allows us to bring the most powerful qualities of the divine feminine to our leadership while maintaining enough masculine energy to move things forward."
- Alexis Martin Neely

How to build
contacts and
boost slow day
sales with text


Text P for Pizza

Shakey's ran a print and outdoor ad campaign that urged consumers to text keywords in exchange for coupons and pizza promotions at 30 locations. In addition to helping the chain build its database of customer contacts, certain coupons, such as a
one-day pizza discount, helped the company
boost sales on historically slow days.

What customers
want on your
Facebook page


Though consumers mostly use Facebook to connect with friends and fill downtime, product discounts and social badging are the most commonly cited motivations for "liking" brands on Facebook, according to a survey from ExactTarget and Co-Tweet.

Over two in five surveyed Facebook users say they "like," or are fans of, at least one brand on Facebook.
Of these, about forty percent say they like brands to receive discounts and promotions and that they do so to publicly display their brand affiliations to others.


10 ways to keep
your customers
(and keep them


When the economy gets tough, some go into survival mode and think they don’t have enough customers,
or that they need new customers to replace the business that they lost.

But focusing on the customers you already have
is your highest value strategy when times are tough.
If you’re afraid of losing a customer or just want to
keep the customers you have loyal, here are some easy, low-cost strategies that will help you keep
a customer today. 

Is there an "I"
in your team?


For managers worried they are staffing their teams
with a bunch of jerks, we have this handy quiz.
Answer truthfully to learn if you are a leader of obnoxious superstars.

6 strategies for
smarter pricing


Pricing is one of the most powerful (yet underutilized) strategies available to businesses of any kind. A McKinsey & Company study of the Global 1200 found that if companies increased prices by just 1 percent, and demand remained constant, on average operating profits would increase by 11 percent.

31 tax deductions
for small business


Not deducting all that you are allowed leaves money on table. Use the following checklist of rules to reduce your taxable income as much as legally possible.

Becoming a "tranquilista" may
help fortify
your business


The most recent gallup polls confirm what earlier ones did, less than a third of employees feel truly engaged
at their place of business.

How can the Tranquilista way of life help people feel more engaged at work? Tranquilista provides tips on living a more tranquil lifestyle for people staying home with tots, launching a new product or service, or working within a fortune 500 company.

The idea is to infuse doses of tranquility into all you do, and still be productive and passionate. The key is connecting to your spirit, spending time in reflection, setting goals, leaving a legacy, and doing it all in style! 
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"They always say time changes things,
but you actually have to change them yourself."

Andy Warhol (1928-1987),
The Philosophy of Andy Warhol


12 Months of Marketing
for Salon and Spa
and the 2011 Salon and Spa Marketing Calendar can be purchased
on the amazon or 12monthsofmarketing websites.

It's going to be
a great year!

Elizabeth Kraus


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