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bullet Top Mothers Day Marketing Ideas for Salon and Spa
  elizabeth kraus |
  If you own a salon or spa, or you are an independent beauty pro, it's time to kick your Mother's Day marketing plan into high gear. This article features Mother's Day marketing strategies and a four week schedule to help you put your salon or spa's marketing plan into action. [ go ]
bullet Which came first, the product or the marketing?
  elizabeth kraus |
  Many people think only of promotional tactics when they hear the word marketing, but marketing actually plays a much larger role in determining which products should come to market, and when. Marketing guru Seth Godin supports this argument with his conclusion that marketing converstations should precede all of your business decisions, not follow them. [ go ]
bullet Who cares? The truth about employee engagement
  You hear CEOs say all the time, "People are our most important asset." Most of the time, they really don't mean it. If you could be a fly on the wall in the executive boardroom do you think that would you hear more talk about marketing tactics or talent management? Profit levels or staff retention? Share price or morale? I think we all know the answers. [ go ]
bullet Inbound marketing and why it works
  Inbound marketing is the practice of online marketing that deliberately uses a combination of search engine optimization (SEO), various social media channels, and blogging to publish content that people will seek-out, find and engage with. The term 'Inbound marketing' was coined and formally introduced by HubSpot, and comprises the title of their founders' latest book, Inbound Marketing. Here's why it works: [ go ]
7 secrets to keeping your employees happy
  Gretchen Rubin, New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Project, knows a lot about what makes business people happy. She spent a year test-driving conventional wisdom, current scientific studies, and lessons from pop cultures about how to be happier at work and at life. [ go ]
7 tips for succeeding as a coffee shop consultant
  elizabeth kraus |
  There are many individuals who choose to work as consultants, sole proprietors, home based business owners, independent agents and representatives who could be termed "coffee shop consultants." Here are seven tips to help them become more successful, more profitable, and more productive. [ go ]
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